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f1 Recruitment & Search Joins PartnerWise Collective

After two decades of operating as an independent ‘challenger’ boutique, f1 Recruitment & Search has been acquired by the UK-owned PartnerWise Collective.

The Staggering Cost of Leadership Hiring Mistakes

We are all aware a leadership hiring mistake is costly. However recent research conducted by The Harvard Business Review shows the sheer enormity of the cost involved. Taking into account expenses such as severance pay, recruitment fees and damage to reputation, the study illustrates that the costs of a hiring mistake can reach up to […]

Emerging Mindsets and Their Impact on Consumer Trends

People across the world are questioning established norms, challenging authority and side-stepping lessons learned so far across many areas of life, from well-being to identity to shopping.

Is MBO still relevant today?

In today’s working world company goals, however S.M.A.R.T. and agreed with stakeholders, simply do not motivate people. They are an outdated concept, questioned for several years, but then why do companies continue to use them?

Are you implementing digital transformation programmes with pre-digital tools?

While companies have been focusing on how to use digital solutions to improve their customer-facing businesses, the application of digital tools to promote and accelerate internal change has received far less attention.

Where do you stand on your digital transformation journey?

Operating models and technology are key core drivers of business growth since they fuel omnichannel customer experience, smart offerings, lean organizations, and emerging business models such as data monetization.

Developing resilience to navigate the headwind

The energy crisis is already dire and could get worse threatening to derail the net-zero transition. The war in Ukraine. The prices have gone through the roof. China, a key supplier and customer, is wrestling with its own economic problems. The effects of climate change are pronounced across the world. 

Planning Approach or agility mindset

Planning has long been one of the cornerstones of management. For decades the job of managers was to plan, organize, command, coordinate, and control and  Management by Objectives (MBO) became the most common tool to ensure focus on all those aspects.

The Emotional Side of Human Beings in Rational Organizations

When implementing change programs four conditions are necessary for employees to change their behaviours: Storyline, Role modelling, Reinforcing mechanisms & Capability building.

Organisational Design: Let’s Make It Right!

Many companies are in a nearly permanent state of organizational flux. One possible explanation for this constant activity is the accelerating pace of strategic change driven by the disruption of industries.