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WISE | Debbie wosskow, obe

8th December 2022

Global Managing Partner Linda Summers hosts a captivating discussion with Multi Exit Entrepreneur, Investor & Board Advisor, Debbie Wosskow, OBE, at our WISE (Women, Inspiring, Success & Empowerment) event.

WISE is a unique event series that aims to inspire and empower women to achieve their full potential in their professional careers. By creating a supportive community, networking opportunities, and providing access to resources, WISE helps women realize their ambitions.

Debbie and Linda delve into topics that matter most to women in leadership positions during the event. They discuss the challenges women face regarding childcare, raising money as a female founder, and the future of women in business. They also explore the importance of work-life balance and share practical tips on achieving it.

The conversation is insightful and inspiring, providing valuable insights that women in leadership positions can use to enhance their careers. PartnerWise is committed to supporting women in leadership positions and is proud to be a part of the WISE event series.

Debbie’s top pieces of advice to getting a board position are:

Tip 1: Be judicious in selection of a Board to target – do your research and make sure you like and respect the Chair and CEO.

Tip 2: Winning the first Board position is key – so think wider than just public companies consider smaller, private companies, not for profits, charities and consider investment to secure a position

Tip 3: Get help from an expert to prepare a specific Board CV to put yourself forward.


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