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The Power of Fusion: Our AI-Human Approach for Success

Our Story.

Ten years ago, we set out to create a new type of boutique firm. One that was infinitely different in how it thought, engaged, and added value. A firm that embraced all the strengths of specialism and experts yet went a few steps further to be truly global in reach.

Today and with all the original team in place, we are PE owned and scaling globally. Through AI-powered sourcing tech and talent data fused with vast networks and personalised solutions, we accelerate growth or transition for our customers.

97% Placement Rate

92% Repeat Business

Passionate About Your Success.

We invest time in understanding your organization’s unique dynamics and style. This understanding, coupled with our commitment to building trust and collaboration, allows us to create personalized solutions.

The results speak for themselves. 90% of our first-time customers become repeat customers. We’re passionate about our work and it’s gratifying to know our customers appreciate it too.

Unique Challenges, Tailored Solutions.

Crafting a personalized solution that directly addresses your challenges or fulfils your aspirations is a fundamental part of our offering.

A New Era in Sourcing Optimization.

By integrating the unique strengths of global AI-sourcing applications with human networks, we accelerate the process of finding, attracting, and engaging talent at local, regional, or global levels.

Hogan Psychometric Assessment.

Organizations use the renowned objectivity of Hogan to improve the quality and predictability of performance in the role of Leadership hires. The suite of assessments is an exceptional addition to the hiring process in that the outputs can support or refute observations made at the interview.

At PartnerWise, our in-house experts are certified to use, assess, and feedback on Hogan’s deep dive into a candidate’s normal personality traits, derailment risks and core values of motivation within the professional world.

Robust Assessment Frameworks.

Avoid costly hiring mistakes by employing our tailored assessment framework, evaluating candidates’ skills, competencies, behaviors, and experience through interviews, referencing mechanisms, and objective psychometric testing.

Access results 24/7 via our real-time portal for constant progress updates.

Critical Navigations.

We understand the personal adjustments and complexities involved in transitioning to a new role, including relocation, re-schooling, and financial considerations.

Our expertise in navigating these factors plays a pivotal role in ensuring successful hires.

247 years of combined global recruiting experience.


VP Ecommerce EMEA Europe

Chief Technology Officer Germany

Senior HR Director Europe

VP Merchandise Hong Kong

Managing Director UK

SVP Wholesale USA

Country Manager Phillippines

Senior Sales Director EMEA

trusted by.

  • I had the pleasure of working myself with Kirsty who supported me in finding the role I am in today. The process was really positive! I also get to work with Kirsty in sourcing talents for open roles in my organization but also to support my close network when looking for new opportunities. Kirsty is a great listener and has a special talent in matching the right candidate profiles with the right company / role and ensure the culture fit is truly right. This is really what she excels at: ensuring the perfect match not only from a skill set point of view but also from a cultural / personality point of view.
    Stephanie Boudjenah-Mazoyer, VP EMEA, Ugg
  • We could not have had a better start with PartnerWise. From the first touch point, John listened closely to our needs and took a lot of time to deeply understand our brand. His knowledge of the industry is unmatched which enabled Maurten to find the best possible candidate. Additionally, I was impressed by the great communication and follow-up’s from his end. This enabled us to backfill the vacant position in a very short time while dedicating our internal resources to the daily business. Without hesitation I would recommend PartnerWise and John for anyone looking to recruit within the sports performance world.
    Malte Stern, Chief Revenue Officer, Maurten
  • Andrew has been great to work with. He instantly understood our business requirements and sourced candidates not only with the necessary skills and experience but also cultural fit. I’d recommend Andrew to any business looking to scale their team.
  • Loved working with Linda at PartnerWise, she really took the time to understand our needs and kept me updated throughout the process. We landed a great talent for our open VP role. Appreciated the partnership throughout!