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From thought-provoking discussions with industry experts to interactive virtual and face-to-face events, we provide opportunities for personal and professional growth. Browse our schedule and subscribe to our events for insights and inspiration.

Women Inspiring Success & Empowerment (WISE) is a revolutionary initiative led by Linda Summers, Global Principal, that unites professional senior women for networking and collaborative success. Inspired by her mother’s triumphant story, Linda created WISE to provide a community where female leaders empower each other, driven by shared experiences and close the gender bias gap.

SPORTWISE, led by Senior Partner John Chatwin at PartnerWise, is a transformative platform focused on fostering growth in executive talent within the sports industry. Guided by John Chatwin’s expertise in both sports and corporate sectors, SPORTWISE aims to connect industry leaders, aspiring executives, and professionals to shape the future of sports.

WISE, Women Inspiring Success & Empowerment, is a revolutionary initiative for executive women to network and collaborate towards success.

Driven by Global Managing Partner – Luxury & Beauty, Linda Summers, whose inspiration comes from her mother’s story of triumph and hard-earned values, PartnerWise created this platform where female professionals can come together in a community to empower each other professionally.

With shared experiences comes the strength needed to propel one another forward – join us on our mission as we work towards making sure career growth among females never gets held back again!

Through our alliance with Allbright, we offer an unrivalled platform designed to empower senior women to elevate their careers. Allbright is a global network committed to women’s professional development. They connect progressive women digitally and physically, driving transformative change in the business world for women.

  • More than I expected – Collegiate, energizing & informative. It was an inspiring and thought provoking evening – just the spark I needed! It was also great to meet new contacts
    Katherine Roseveare | General Counsel | Adidas
  • A fantastically inspiring event. I can honestly say it was one of the best I have been to. It feels like such a shift in the conversation now towards authentic leadership being celebrated, particularly as a female and the results we achieve are validated.
    Cathy Newnes-Smith | CEO | Stripe & Stare
  • Great networking opportunity & very inspiring
    Lisa Shaw | Head of Retail | Rituals

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SPORTWISE, an initiative led by Senior Partner John Chatwin. A transformative platform dedicated to fostering dialogue and growth around executive talent within the sports industry. Our goal is to facilitate connections between industry leaders, aspiring executives, and seasoned professionals, enabling them to share insights and strategize for success while promoting inclusivity.

Guided by John’s extensive knowledge of both sporting and corporate sectors, SPORTWISE aims to significantly influence the future of the sports industry. We are committed to uniting the brightest minds in the field to cultivate a forward-thinking, diverse, and highly skilled community, pioneering solutions that drive progress and set new standards in the industry.

We partner with Running Industry Alliance (RIA) to create a thriving environment for talent within the running industry. RIA is an independent trade organization for the UK & Ireland, that collaborates with its members to enhance the business and sport of running.

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