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Solving challenges: delivering aspirations

Executive Search.

As your global executive search partner, we at PartnerWise specialize in sourcing Boardroom leadership, Non-Executive and Functional talent at a Global level or within territories and countries. We strive to find; not only the talent you need today but also the future C-suite stars.

82% of placements still in role or promoted 2 years later

97% Vacancy to placement ratio

Recent Executive placements.

Chief Technical Officer Global

Chief Finance Officer UK

President Europe

VP Ecommerce Europe

Chief Marketing Officer EMEA

VP Wholesale USA

Chief Commercial Officer USA

VP Merchandising USA

Supply Chain Director APAC

Senior HR Director Europe

VP Merchandise Hong Kong

Non Exec Directors UK

General Manager EMEA

Country Manager Norway

SVP Wholesale USA

Country Manager Phillippines

Finance Director Europe

Senior Sales Director EMEA

Marketing Director EMEA

Commercial Director APAC

Retail Director Amsterdam

Fusing Human Insight and AI Global Sourcing Technology.

As pioneering early adopters, we harness the full potential of fusing 24/7 AI-powered global sourcing technology, big data, human networks, assessments, and insights to create a unique talent platform.

This platform unlocks competitiveness and enhances growth for our customers, granting them quick access to previously inaccessible and exclusive talents that deliver superior ROI in their roles.

Deeply Networked Team.

Our team are deeply embedded and networked within the sectors we serve. Bringing together industry-specific knowledge at a leadership level, executive search expertise, and in-house experience. The unique tenure of our team at PartnerWise ensures a human connection and engagement that translates to highly collaborative relationships and consistency of performance for our clients.

Customer-led Approach.

With customers at the core of our operations, we focus on understanding your unique needs, cultural values, challenges, and aspirations. This deep understanding allows us to provide personalized solutions that positively impact your talent agenda.



Global, Territory and Country level Executive Search for C suite, Operating Board and Functional Leadership and Management levels.


Experts in Chairman and Non-Executive Director Recruitment within the sectors in which we operate.   


Thorough succession planning: talent consultancy, framework setup, internal/external assessment and pipelining.


Comprehensive Executive Assessment & Due Diligence: robust evaluation, benchmarking, career analysis, feedback.


Industry and sector-specific benchmarking services with in-depth data and insights for competitive compensation.


A specialist global talent marketplace solution for gap-bridging or longer-term fractional Interim and project-based contractors. At leadership and mid to senior functional levels for Brands, Retail, Media & Content and Sports.

AI-driven sourcing with a 24/7 portal delivering rapid access to such experts for various needs. These include restructuring, turnaround, M&A, pre- and post-acquisition, integration, change and transformation, programme, and project management within listed or private equity backed or privately owned companies.

Recent interim placements.

Chief Marketing Officer APAC

Managing Director UK

Merchandising Director UK

Digital Manager UK

UX Researcher Project UK

Digital Project Europe

Fully automated Assessment, uniquely indemnified.

Experts in IR35

The IR35, a UK law introduced in 2000, is crucial for businesses employing contractors or freelancers. Automated portal based IR35 compliance with full indemnity underwritten by Zurich insurance once completed.

It targets ‘disguised employment’, where individuals acting as employees register as self-employed to dodge taxes. The law applies to all contractors operating via a limited company, aiming to classify them as employees for tax matters.

Businesses must diligently check their contractors’ employment status and ensure IR35 compliance to avoid risks. Non-compliance can lead to hefty financial penalties, reputation harm, and legal issues.

The IR35 impacts various businesses, particularly those using British contractors, irrespective of their location, and those operating a UK subsidiary or paying directly to contractors. It’s vital for these organizations to align with the IR35 rules.

A seamless Interim Experience:


Fast 24/7 global access to Interim Leadership and Contractor talents via our portal.


Automated portal-based IR35 compliance with full indemnity underwritten by Zurich insurance once completed.


Full end-to-end payroll services with our in-house team.


We collaborate closely with our clients to deliver customized strategic talent solutions that can seamlessly stand alone or integrate with existing efforts. Our primary aim is to bolster your organization’s competitive advantage while safeguarding against potential setbacks caused by the sudden loss of top talent.

Unlike traditional talent management models that focus inwardly and have limited access to internal talent, our partnership and unique assessment techniques enable us to tap into often inaccessible talent sources. This way, we can effectively pool or immediately fill succession gaps, ensuring greater certainty in future growth and transitional projects, and providing a shield against unforeseen talent exits.

9/10 on our NPS score

92% repeat business

your success from our future talent solution.

elevating the bar.

AI-sourcing access to inaccessible talent fused with robust assessments, extending and elevating the overall quality and capabilities of your talent pools.

increases diversity.

Our Future Talents Solution enables you to tap into diverse talent pools, fostering a dynamic and inclusive workplace culture, fuelling innovation, and unlocking new perspectives.

succession bench.

Identifying and nurturing future leaders is vital to your sustained growth. We help you create a robust succession bench, securing leadership continuity and reducing disruptions.

reduces risk.

In today’s fast-paced world, unforeseen talent exits can significantly impact your business. Our solution provides a safety net against sudden losses, offering greater assurance and stability.’

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