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Travel retail

your recruiting partners in the travel retail space.

with 346 placements in 12 years, partnerwise is THE NO 1 EXECUTIVE SEARCH COMPANY IN GLOBAL TRAVEL RETAIL.

With 12 years at the forefront of the global travel retail industry and a network to match, we are a dependable ally when it comes to talent and insight.

Our Senior Partner, Jenny, enriches our practice through 16 years of unrivalled enthusiasm, passion, and deep relationships throughout global travel retail. An epitome of a specialist with a wonderful global network. Connection enhanced by our superior AI-powered sourcing tech that aids her in her goal of delivering unique experiences to our customers.

24/7 AI-Sourcing.

Our fusing of traditional network’s with AI global sourcing tech rapidly opens the gateway to previously unreachable, exclusive and more diverse candidates, insights and intelligence that enriches the performance of our customers.

Customer Led Approach

We invest time to understand and from which craft personalised solutions and product and service offerings and fee structures that directly address your specific challenges or aspirations.

our global reach. 

Our reach is highly specialist, genuinely global, data driven and fully supported by multiple years of industry and talent hiring expertise.


Our portal offers real-time access to your assignment, enabling you to review profiles, read insights and talent intelligence and to interact anytime, anywhere.

trusted by:

1123 global executive Placements in 12 years.












Head of Digital Europe

Head of Beauty Europe

Supply Chain Director APAC

Global CRM Manager Europe

Digital Content Manager Europe

Product Development Manager Europe

  • The exceptional service , support and advice I have received from Jenny has been outstanding, her tenacity and drive has meant that I have now landed my dream job. She has spoken to over 5 of my old bosses who described her as “a lovely person to talk to” and” It was easy to be able to explain who Paul Burke is therefore a great listener”. Jenny has exceeded my expectations at ever step of the way and has made my entire year happy again. Me and my family are very grateful. In short, Jenny is a diamond and a rare one at that.
    Paul Burke, GM North Asia, Dufry