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Mx3’s AI Meetup

7th December 2023

Exploring the Future: Highlights from Mx3’s AI Meetup at Colours Hoxton

Here are some key takeaways from the event:

The meetup kicked off with some eye-opening statistics, revealing the global sentiment towards AI. According to a survey of around 22,000 adults worldwide, 46% agreed that products and services utilising AI have more benefits than drawbacks. Interestingly, an equal percentage expressed excitement about the prospects of AI, while 48% admitted to feeling a sense of nervousness. However, there seems to be a growing trust in AI, with 50% believing that companies using artificial intelligence will protect their personal data.

The impact of AI on daily life was a focal point, with 51% of respondents acknowledging that AI has profoundly changed their lives in the past 3-5 years. This aligns with the growing trend in the business sector, as 78% of UK businesses revealed plans to invest in AI in the coming year. However, a significant 73% of business leaders expressed feeling underprepared for this impending shift (source: corndell/infimum UK).

Newsrooms are also gearing up for more AI integration, with a striking 83% of 105 organizations across 46 countries foreseeing increased use of AI in their operations.

A big shoutout to Cobus Heyl and John Schlaefli of the Media Makers Meet – Mx3 team for their outstanding hosting. The event featured enlightening talks from industry experts such as Roxanne Fisher, Ross Sleight, Tim Bond, John Barnes, Lucky Gunasekara, James Henderson, Julian Thorne, and Kevin Donnellan. Additionally, attendees were treated to a live demo from the innovative team at Labrador.

In conclusion, the AI meetup at Colours Hoxton provided a comprehensive snapshot of the current AI landscape and its future implications. With diverse opinions and insights, it was a forum where attendees could explore the exciting yet challenging world of artificial intelligence.

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