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17th January 2024

Accelerating Gender Equality in Entrepreneurship: Insights from Bicester Village Event

Emphasising the Need for Equal Opportunities

The discussion revolved around the pressing necessity to bridge the gender gap in entrepreneurship. Bollier shared eye-opening statistics, revealing that despite women constituting 51% of the population, a staggering less than 3% of women-led businesses receive venture-led capital. This disparity highlights a vast untapped potential, with the Global GDP poised to grow by an astonishing 3 to 6% if we fully embrace female entrepreneurs.

Unlocking Potential through Support and Innovation

A key highlight was the discussion of the “Unlock Her Future Prize” campaign for 2024, aimed at empowering women with the capital and tools needed to become future role models, particularly focusing on Latin America. This initiative by The Bicester Collection underscores our commitment to social impact and the empowerment of women in entrepreneurship.

The Transformative Power of Investing in Women

The event also highlighted the transformative impact of investing in women, who are more likely to reinvest in their communities, thereby fostering a regenerative cycle of growth and development. Desiree shared compelling arguments and personal anecdotes to illustrate the critical role of mentorship and support in enabling women to achieve their full potential in entrepreneurship.

The discussions at Bicester Village was a resonant call to action for accelerating gender equality in entrepreneurship. The shared statistics and stories underscored the importance of rewriting the narrative towards inclusivity and support for female entrepreneurs. By championing women and providing them with the necessary support and resources, we can unlock a future of innovation, growth, and equality.

As we reflect on the powerful messages from the event, it’s clear that there’s much work to be done in achieving gender equality in entrepreneurship. Together, through initiatives like “Unlock Her Future” and the collective effort of mentorship and support, we can make significant strides towards a more equitable and prosperous future for all women entrepreneurs.

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